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“Truly an arresting talent, able to gain entry to places rarely imagined by most songwriters” – Paste Music

Robert Deeble is an American singer-songwriter based in Seattle. His recordings have been noted for their orchestrated arrangements, a subtle, minimalist style of production, and lyrical content. Robert's first album, Days Like These first released in 1994 with folk heroine Victoria Williams. Subsequent recordings included other such music industry veterans as Rachel Blumberg of The Decemberists, vocalist Anna-Lynne Williams and drummer Stephen Hodges (Tom Waits/Mavis Staples). As a touring artist Robert has shared bills with the likes of Low, Ida (band), Jason Molina, Sam Phillips and Over the Rhine. [Wikipedia]


Seattle’s Robert Deeble has been making sprit-infused music informed by the minimalist style of folk heroes since the release of his debut album in 1994. With a notable list of musical affiliations as long as his discography, Deeble returns from a self-imposed hiatus with Heart Like Feathers on the artist’s own Mind Bomb Publishing label in conjunction with Dead Letter Records.

The album is Deeble’s first full-length release in over six year and.It’s the kind of creative, thoughtful gesture that one might expect from an artist who takes time off to earn a master’s degree in psychology (causing fans to playfully label his music "smart rock.”). Having laboriously toured for years performing alongside such artists as Low, Ida, Sam Phillips, the late Jason Molina and Pedro the Lion, Deeble says “I felt my personal life starting to slip. I needed to take time off to re-build who I am at home - not on the road.”



"Music that unfolds in its own time, utterly comfortable and at ease." BIG TAKE OVER

"I'm not sure I'd want to start rowing toward a deserted island without it."
BLURT (9 out of 10 Stars)

"It's beautiful music for the sake of beautiful music, and what's better is that it's believable." SEATTLE WEEKLY

"An album's worth of finely wrought songs, tinged with sadness and redeemed by compassion."
iTUNES (editorial)

"Disturbingly honest songs. Few of his albums are more intimately honest than Heart like Feathers."

"Deeble's authentic lyrics, along with stunning instrumental arrangements, make this album one of his strongest."

"The pained and yearning Deeble comes off like a worthy descendent and disciple of Leonard Cohen." EMUSIC (4 out of 5 Stars)

"The songs are dark and tight, instruments don't play with individual personality, they are bent to the will of the song."



Heart Like Feathers (album version) MP3

"Undertow" (MP3)

War (It's a Bad Time For Love) (MP3)

Heart Like Feathers - acoustic (MP3)



Heart Like Feathers (Official Video)

Weeds (Official Video)

Eucharist (Official Video)

Sunflower (Official Video)

The Colors of Dying (Official Video)


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Bio (Continued):

The reconstruction for Deeble was not only a new record but also a family – as he and his wife became foster parents to a baby girl that they raised since she was three days old.  These sentiments of personal struggle and life change can be heard throughout the album including the title track “Heart Like Feathers,” where Deeble sings, “Salvation comes like a wrecking ball; in a plume of dust and a heart like feathers.”

Produced by Dylan Magierek, founder of
Badman Recording Co. on two-inch tape,with Deeble’s bandmates bassist Jeremy Summer, drummer Jeremy Dybash (formerly with Velour 100, Damien Jurado), cellist Neal Vickers and Lili De La Mora on Backing Vocals. The album also features many of the friends that Deeble has met and worked with throughout the years.
Some notable mentions are Victoria Williams (folk heroine and one of Paste Magazine’s “Top 100 Living Songwriters”) with vocals on “Sunflower,” Stephen Hodges (drummer for Tom Waits / Mavis Staples) on Percussion, Ric Hordinski (co-founder of noted Americana band Over The Rhine) with Guitar on “Eucharist” and “The Colors of Dying,” the ethereal dream-pop diva Anna Lynne Williams (Lotte Kestner) formerally of Trespassers William joins deeble on “Undertow,” Amanda Lawrence on Viola, Tim Westcott on “electro-ambience” and Adam Selzer ( M. Ward) who co-produced Heart Like Feathers alongside Magierek.

The special edition of Heart Like Feathers features is packaged with a bonus acoustic tracks and films housed on an additional DVD.